Thank you uncle ji for all your help and support. You always have the learner benefit in mind. Thank you for being so patient and keeping faith in me, i couldn’t have passed without your encouragement, useful examples and hard work. I feel very lucky to have learnt from you. You are doing a great job, God bless you .

Gurdip Kaur, Wolverhampton

I have had 3 driving instructors in total and Mr Kalsi has been the best one. He can teach very well, he has confidence in his students and knows their abilities well. He will teach you so that you can be a safe driver anywhere in the country and not simply limited to the driving test route.

My theory was due to expire very soon and he went above and beyond to make sure that I had all the opportunities to pass my test. Fortunately thanks to him, I passed my driving test with just 15 days to go. He had confidence in me and urged me to keep trying when I thought I would not pass before my theory expires. Thank you very much Mr Kalsi for all your help!

Samruddhi Dave, Wolverhampton

My name is Joshua from Wolverhamton, and I would like to thankyou Mr kalsi for all the support and guidance he have given me in the result of me passing my driving test. Before Starting with kalsi driving school I was taught by many different Driving instructors But I have to say ,Nobody has been able to top the level of service that Mr Kalsi provide’s . It is by far a welcoming experience, Nice calm and relaxed,  and he only want the best for you and will do whatever it takes to see you pass. In the short time I have been with Mr Kalsi , I have learnt a great deal, Mr kalsi is very knowledgeable, proffeshional, honest man, and I would like to thank him once again for all his help . All the best in the future and I will Look out for you when I’m on the road .

Joshua, Wolverhampton

I passed my driving test first time with Mr.Kalsi. Mr.Kalsi is the best instructor for everyone who wants to learn how to drive confidently on any road and he teaches you can drive all over U.K. Thank you very much Mr. Kalsi for teaching me.

Sukhvinder Bhamra, Wolverhampton

Great experience learning from Mr Kalsi. My mom, auntie, uncle and cousins passed with him over 20 years ago and I passed first time this morning.
He’s friendly and funny so the lessons have a relaxed atmosphere although he is quite firm and fair when teaching.

Brent Thompson, Wolverhampton

Thanks for all your help and patience  Mr Kalsi, I couldn’t have done it without your support.

Mr Kalsi provides a friendly service, reasonable rates, and prepared me well for my test 10 out of 10. Thanks for getting me through it can’t thank you enough. Fantastic instructor still can’t believe I am driving. We all need instructor like you god bless you.

Varsha, Wolverhampton

Mr Kalsi is the best mentor one can have. He really helped me a lot in every step of my driving lessons. He showed a lot of patience while he was guiding me on roads. I would highly recommend him to everyone
Divya Juneja, Wolverhampton

After 2 previous unsuccessful attempts to pass my driving test with 2 different driving instructors, Mr Kalsi took me under his wing helping me build up my confidence on the roads and ensuring that I’d pass first time after taking lessons with him. His patience and expertise with nervous drivers gave me the ability to focus my attention on using my driving skills and not to worry about the unimportant sides of motoring. I’d unreservedly recommend to anyone wanting to learn skills on the road for life to enrol on a driving course with Mr Kalsi.

Again, thank you so much for your patience and dedication, Mr Kalsi.

Nancy Birch, Kidderminister 

I would like to say a big thank you to my driving instructor Mr J S Kalsi for supporting me throughout driving lessons. He is really a great teacher, very understanding and made me feel very comfortable. I was very nervous and making same mistakes every time but uncle ji  helped me and made me believe I could do it and gave me self belief. He always say don’t only concentrate on  passing driving test but try be a good and safe driver . Without his constant guidance and attention this would not have been possible. I can’t thank you enough for being patient and calm with me. I would recommend Kalsi school of motoring to everyone who wish to be good and safe driver.

Sandeep Kaur, Wolverhampton

I recommend Kalsi school of motoring, I called Mr Kalsi only a couple weeks before my practical exam, against the odds Mr. Kalsi immensely improved my driving abilities. He explained everything that I needed to do to pass very clearly, He did not teach me the bare minimum needed to pass a driving test, but he taught me what is needed to be a good driver for many years to come. I would definitely think about taking Mr. Kalsi as a driving instructor because he has proved over the 35 years that he has been instructing that he is well experienced in what he does on and off the road. I would like to thank Mr. Kalsi for working with me to get my Pass certificate and would like to advise everyone to not think twice about choosing him to instruct you!

Mohammed Shamerany, Wolverhampton

Thank you Mr J S Kalsi for helping me pass first time!! I would highly recommend Kalsi School of Motoring as the lessons delivered were beneficial and focused on the many skills needed to be a good driver. Although I doubted myself, the results show that anything is possible when aided with the right help. Lessons were also taken seriously and carried out in a professional manner. Thanks again!!

Sonia Chadha, Wolverhampton

I had a great time learning from an amazing Driving Instructor, who taught me how to drive safely. I would highly recommend Kalsi School of Motoring to everyone who wants to learn driving quickly. All the lessons were worth it, even the shouting from uncle Kalsi, as this made me improve my mistakes quicker! I enjoyed my learning to drive experience with Kalsi School of Motoring and I passed my test with only three minor faults! I’m very happy! Thank you uncle for teaching me how to drive and also for all the other life long teachings you gave me! I appreciate it!

Thanks once again.

Suman Sandhi, Wolverhampton


Mr J.S. Kalsi works miracles!! An amazing instructor with years of experience who brings out the best in everyone. I only started learning on 10th June 2015 and passed 1st time 30th July 2015! All credit goes to Kalsi School Of Motoring.  I can’t recommend them enough. Mr J.S. Kalsi explains and uses examples that not only make you laugh but actually stick so you can’t forget.
The Driving School motto of ‘No Cliches Just Results’ is perfect and shows what they are all about.
Thank you so much for your guidance!

Shaheeda Ahmed, Wolverhampton


When I first arrived to Kalsi School of Motoring, I thought I could drive. After having many Driving Instructors before and really struggling with my skills, I was beginning to get really down about my driving as I kept on making the same mistakes over and over again. My patience was wearing thin and I wanted to pass as a lot of my friends and families had already. Despite Mr Kalsi having to repeat some of the techniques and instructions over and over again he stayed patient and if I didn’t understand one method, he would show me another, which some Instructors do not do.

I would like to thank Mr Kalsi and his Driving School, as without them I don’t think I would have ever passed!

Thanks for all of your help, Deepak!

Deepak Lal, Wednesbury

Whether you are looking for a driving school to help you to learn to drive, or to become an Approved Driving Instructor, then look no further than Kalsi School of Motoring, based in Wolverhampton. Earlier today I passed my ADI Part 2 with just 2 minor faults thanks to the training and guidance that I received from Mr Kalsi. He has been very thorough and rigorous during training sessions, and always delivers each lesson with honesty and integrity. I found his teaching style truly inspirational, and like the fact that he lives in the real world. As a student of Mr Kalsi, it is vital to act upon his advice and feedback, and tap into his vast experience of this industry. I feel honoured and blessed that I am training to become an ADI under his supervision.

Thank you Mr Kalsi.

Mr H S Matharu, Wolverhampton

Having already started lessons with a different driving school I made the choice to change and learn from Kalsi School of motoring. It was easily the best decision as from the first few lessons I could see how much more I was learning in a short space of time. I wasn’t just being taught how to pass my test but to become a better driver in the long term.  Mr Kalsi helped me gain confidence and learn from my mistakes in a relaxed and fun driving environment. Mr Kalsi is very professional but always manages to find the right balance to make the lessons enjoyable and worthwhile. You get great value for money and their methods are very successful in helping you become a good driver.

“No clichés just results” is the perfect way to sum up Kalsi School of Motoring

I would like to thank Raj Singh Kalsi for helping me and I would definitely recommend this driving school to anyone.

Harminder Akali, Willenhall

Thank you Mr J S Kalsi for helping me pass my driving test first time, the last 6 months have been a big learning curve for me but thanks to your guidance and sometimes stern words which put me right, I would highly recommend Mr J S Kalsi to any one wanting to pass there test the right way without shortcuts .

Thank You

Gaganpreet Kaur, Wolverhampton

Raj Singh Kalsi is an excellent instructor, his teaching technique is exceptional and he helped me to build my confidence and skill on the road and taught me to become a safe driver. Raj was always very professional ,calm and informative and made me feel completely at ease behind the wheel, as a result I passed 1st time and I would strongly recommend Kalsi School Of Motoring to everyone.

Thanks again Raj your’e the BEST.

Surjit Singh, Wednesbury

I was acclaimed Kalsi School of Motoring through my previous family members and friends as they all recommended that he was an amazing teacher. This was not an assumption as they all had passed first time through their theory and practical tests.
I always looked forward to my lessons and Mr Kalsi was always on hand to book my lessons through my studies. I would definitely recommend Kalsi School of Motoring to anyone who is looking to become a safe driver.
Mr Kalsi was a patient, calm and encouraging teacher and through his teaching’s he made me the driver I am today.

Amrita Paul, Wolverhampton

Kalsi School of Motoring is the best driving school I have come across. Their teaching combined with their patience gives you the confidence to do well. Mr Kalsi was very supportive towards me constantly advising me on how to become a better and safe driver. I would definitely recommend Kalsi School of Motoring for new learners who are looking for quality 5 star teaching.

Sumeet Sarangal, Wolverhampton

I was nervous before I embarked onto my driving lessons. However Kalsi School of Motoring proved to be very friendly and used techniques which I could remember easily which gave me the reassurance I needed. There methods are very simple and extremely successful. My overall experience with them has been fantastic, and is evident in me passing my driving test FIRST time!

Shaneen Verma, Wolverhampton

Kalsi School of Motoring came highly recommended having successfully taught many of my family members. Mr Kalsi was very professional, had a great sense of humour but most importantly he was patient with me all throughout my learning process. During my lessons we had a mock test which really helped prepare for the real thing and with his calm teaching approach I was able to pass my driving test first time. I would highly recommend learning from Mr Kalsi and his school of motoring.

Sabrina Dehal, Wolverhampton

Having previously taught the rest of my family, I also decided to learn how to drive from the Kalsi School of Motoring. Mr Kalsi was both exceptionally informative, supportive and friendly which made me look forward to every driving lesson I had as each one was greatly worthwhile and enjoyable. Mr Kalsi was a great teacher with great expertise and I would definitely recommend the Kalsi School of Motoring to anyone who is looking to become a confident and safe driver.

Inderpal Dehal, Wolverhampton

Learning to drive with Kalsi School of Motoring was a great experience which I will never forget. I enjoyed all my lessons, and felt the progression we made each lesson towards achieveing my main goal of becoming a successful, confident driver. Mr Kalsi is a very helpful Instructor who motivated me to achieve what I was capable of. I’m proud to say I passed first time with the help and kindness of Mr Kalsi. I am happy I chose Kalsi School of Motoring to learn to drive with and I would recommend them to anyone wanting to learn how to drive. Thank you and i appreciate all the time and patience you put in to teach me.

Jasmine Bhogal, Wolverhampton

I took Driving Lessons from Kalsi School Of Motoring and I learnt how to drive very fast, Raj Singh Kalsi is a very good Driving Instructor and explains everything clearly, Kalsi School Of Motoring are very helpful and let be book my lessons to suit me when I was available.

Ray Lally, Wolverhampton

Kalsi School Of Motoring  is being advised to me from friends and family members.
It is known as a old school (since 86, 88) so you can trust them, they had the experience to teach.
I think that learning to drive is something that required good knowdlege and self confidence.
A good driving instructor should be able to teach you “how to drive?” and help you to build your confidence, this is what I found.
I was quite happy with my learning and with my progress even if some days were more harder than others, which is normal I suppose.
Driving is about practice and this is what Mr Kalsi taught me and others before me.
One thing that I appreciated is that when Mr Kalsi thought that you were ready, he encouraged you to book your text, as compare to  others driving shools will just keep you advising you more lessons.
To conclude I will say that instead of changing school 1, 2, 3 times just try the 5 LESSONS with Kalsi School Of Motoring and you will have a nice panorama of the driving world and a good preparation to succeed the day of your text.

Geeta, Wolverhampton

Choosing Kalsi School of Motoring to teach me and my Family Members to drive was a brilliant choice as over 10 people in my Family alone have all Passed 1st Time over the years.
Mr Kalsi is a excellent teacher, really calm and easy to get on with. He was encouraging, helpful and patient gave me very good knowledge and techniques, which made me into a confident driver.
Everything about the driving school is spot on, extremely recommended, Thank You once again for making me the Driver I am today!

Aditya Paul, Wolverhampton