ADI Training

I’m sure we are not alone when we say that the standard of driving on todays roads is simply not satisfactory. As a driving instructor, this is your chance to play a big role in the development of new skills for learner drivers and also to influence how your pupils will drive for the rest of their lives by showing them a safe and responsible attitude toward driving. 

To become a driving instructor you need to seriously consider the skills required, such as

  • Displaying a high standard of driving ability
  • Having a sound knowledge of subjects relating to teaching others to drive
  • How to teach
  • Identifying how different people learn and changing your approach from time to time
  • Knowing how to assess the performance of others
  • Excellent interpersonal skills.

This website aims to help you make an informed decision regarding all aspects of driver instructor training and also to answer some of the questions you may have.

It will also give you a brief insight into the examinations you need to pass and the likely costs you will incur.