DVSA Exams & Fees

Listed below are details of the three examination parts necessary to become an ADI (Approved Driving Instructor).

ADI Part 1

Part 1 consists of a 100 questions in multiple-choice format. You have 90 minutes to complete the multiple-choice section. You will have to obtain an overall pass mark of 85%, but you must also reach a minimum mark of 80% in each of the four groups of 25 questions. This will then be followed by the hazard perception test, which consists of 14 film clips with 15 hazards, the pass mark for this is 57 out of 75. The materials you receive will give you all the information you require to pass the Part 1 examination and are yours to keep for future reference, these include a complete bank of DVSA questions, several DVSA publications, video/DVD material and computer software.

ADI Part 2

Part 2 is a practical test of driving ability consisting of eyesight distance test, reading a car number plate at 27.5m where the letters and numbers are 79.4mm in good daylight and also the driving technique. It is an advanced driving test and you must display expert handling of the controls and use of correct road procedure. The test will last for about 1 hour and can be taken at a regional DVSA test centre. Training will be provided at a pace to suit the individuals needs, we appreciate that you may well have a lot of experience but also bad habits can develop over the years.

ADI Part 3

Part 3 is to assess the quality of your instruction and the ability to pass your knowledge on to pupils. The test is in 2 parts, each part lasting about half an hour. You must pass both parts. There are 10 pre-set tests of which the examiner will select one. This test can be taken at a regional DVSA test centre and is the most demanding of the examinations. The training will be completed in our training vehicle and role play will be used extensively, Part 3 visual aids will be available if you require them.

DSA Examination Fees

These need to be paid directly to the DVSA when booking each examination.

Part 1 = £90.00

Part 2 = £111.00

Part 3 = £111.00

When you pass the Part 2 examination you have the option of purchasing a trainee licence, this costs £140.00 and is valid for six months.

Upon completion of all examinations a £300.00 registration fee is payable to the DSA.

N.B. The DVSA Fees & Costs change occasionally so they should be double checked at the time of taking course.