About Us

Kalsi School of Motoring was set up in 1988 by Mr J S Kalsi who believed there was a gap in the market for multilingual driving instructors, with Mr Kalsi’s passion for tutoring and being able to speak five different languages this enabled him to instruct learner drivers even if there first language wasn’t English. Within a couple of years of trading Mr J S Kalsi had pushed Kalsi School of Motoring to have a high pass rate with Learner Drivers but felt that Non English speaking students were still struggling with understanding the Highway Code, which at the time was only available in the English language.

 In 1993 Mr J S Kalsi with permission from HMSO (Her Majesty’s Stationary office) translated and published The Highway Code in Punjabi to help his community. This soon became a great success which then inspired him to translate the Highway Code in to Hindi, Gujarati, Urdu and Bengali.

 Upon introduction of the Theory Test in 1994 by the Driving Standards Agency, Kalsi School of Motoring decided to translate this publication in to Asian Languages as The Theory Test was compulsory in order to pass your driving test.

 Kalsi School of Motoring had now made a name for itself as translators of driving material and was now frequently being asked for a translated version of the Large Goods Vehicle Theory Test, so in 2006 Kalsi School of Motoring translated the LGV Theory Test in Punjabi and Hindi and went straight onto produce Hazard Perception DVD’s in various Asian languages.

 Kalsi School of Motoring after many years of success has become a leading professional Driving School that tutors both Learner Drivers and people who wish to become Driving Instructors themselves whilst still continuing to publish driving literature.